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I am looking for someone who is loving, honest ,faithful, respectful and also want to have a long term relationship that would possibly lead to permanent someday, a decent woman,with a generous heart, warm demeanor, a smile to die for. You look the same only inasmuch as I could tell it was you. Really seeking for a girl 18-25 years.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Am Looking Adult Meet
City: Janesville, Cheektowaga, Brushy Creek, Dyess Air Force Base
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Gentleman Seeking A Relationship

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I miss a place chaat we can chat, share tips, and build stronger bonds. Is there a Discord server that people around here use or something similar?

I hear you, Vitor. I miss small talk with the people at my coffee shop. I can't wait til this pandemic is over and I can have a beer at my favorite pub and talk.

I know, right? I started working remotely full-time a few months before the pandemic hit and I really miss an environment that welcomes some small talk here and there. IMO comments are great for discussion z a specific topic but I don't feel comfortable spamming watercooler and my follower's notifications whenever I want to just chat.

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Best place to talk to strangers

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Submit Preview Dismiss. Collapse Expand I hear you, Vitor.

Wayfm ยป need to chat?

You can chat here Sure, but I'm talking about something a bit lighter and more fast-paced. That makes sense, I'll stay tuned then!

I also wish there was some place for casual tech conversations. Especially due to the pandemic.

You can consider ing us here! Hey that's awesome :.

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