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Bored chat txt 420 at some point

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Bored chat txt 420 at some point

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They held ideas meetings at 4. Twenty years later another publication, Magazine, reported a claim by a rival group of San Rafael old boys that they had invented the term. But the Waldos, who have shown letters and other items to High Times, vigorously defend their version. Bloom says the term has served as a sort of semi-private code, and cannabis smokers tend to spot it everywhere - building s, prices, even clocks in the film Pulp Fiction.

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After the mile marker on the Interstate highway in Colorado was repeatedly pinched, officials recently replaced it with a This year Denver will be the centre of festivities, thanks to Colorado recently becoming the first state to permit the sale of recreational marijuana. Smokers are celebrating breakthroughs in their legalisation campaign elsewhere too.

VERBOSE Note how the example uses the triple-quote syntax ''' to create a multiline borsd so that you can spread the regular expression definition over many lines, making it much more legible. The comment rules inside the regular expression string are the same as regular Python code: The symbol and everything after it to the end of the line are ignored.

Also, the extra spaces inside the multiline string for the regular expression are not considered part of the text pattern to be tst. Combining re.

Unfortunately, the re. You can get around this limitation by combining the re. Project: Phone and Address Extractor Say you have the boring task of finding every phone and address in a long web or document.

Chapter 7 – pattern matching with regular expressions

Bpred you manually scroll through theyou might end up searching for a long time. But if you had a program that could search the text in your clipboard for phone s and addresses, you could simply press CTRL-A to select all the text, press CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard, and then run your program. It could replace the text on the clipboard with just the phone s and addresses it finds. I recommend pint drawing up a high-level plan for what your program needs to do.

Right now, stick to broad strokes. For example, your phone and address extractor will need to do the following: Get the text off the clipboard. Find all phone s and addresses in the text.

Paste them onto the clipboard. Now you can start thinking about how this might work in code. The code will need to do the following: Use the pyperclip module to copy and paste strings. Create two regexes, one for matching phone s and the other for matching addresses.

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Find all matches, not just the first match, of both regexes. Neatly format the matched strings into a single string to paste. Display some kind of message if no matches were found in the text. This list is like a road map for the project.

As you write the code, you can focus on each of these steps separately. Each step is fairly manageable and expressed in terms of things you already know how to do in Python. Step 1: Create a Regex for Phone s First, you have to create a regular expression to search for phone s.

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Create a new file, enter the following, and save it as phoneAnd. TODO: Find matches in clipboard text.

TODO: Copy to the clipboard. The TODO comments are just a skeleton for the program.

The phone begins with an optional area code, so the area code group is followed with a question mark. The next few parts of the regular expression are straightforward: three digits, followed by another separator, followed by four digits.

The last part is an optional extension made up of 4200 of spaces followed by ext, x, or ext. Step 2: Create a Regex for Addresses You will also need a regular expression that can match addresses.

Smoe your program look like the following:! You can put all of these into a character class: [a-zA-Z This is between two and four characters.

The format for addresses has a lot of weird rules. The pyperclip.