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Free lirne sex chat norman

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Chapter Thirty-nine "What have you got against being nice? What gulag? The gulag of slaves and slave owners, the global fere of gluttony that has starved and murdered and tortured cgat brainwashed more people than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot put together, the gulag we've been stuck in since before our mothers were born. You and guys like you see to it that the slaves in the slave state stay happy, that they have fun, that they whistle while they work, that they don't rock no boats. The blocks at the bottom of any pyramid support the blocks above them and so on and so on until you get to the top, right?

That's as straightforward as it gets. The thousand billionaires who run big, multinational corporations are the cchat eye. Everyone else is a slave.

Orphans work for rag pickers in garbage dumps who work for rag collectors who work for rag consolidators who work for rag exporters on up the line until you get to guys like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who pay propaganda sluts to put on a happy face and hype the notion that making money is the pinnacle of human achievement. He's a caricature, a profit center, a balloon in Macy's Parade. IMG may have paid him a billion dollars over the years but that's small potatoes compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars he's made for the big companies who own IMG.

Same goes for you and A-Rod and Tom Brokaw and all the other propaganda sluts. People buy hype, period.

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You have to be nice to sell it. You have to laugh and smile and be upbeat and get tears of tenderness in your eyes and lie through your eighty nodman dollar teeth every minute of every day. The owners of Nazi conglomerates pay agents to hire guys like you to hype the crap they have to sell. It's an exclusive contract.

Nobody buys anything that some legitimate propaganda slut didn't get paid to sell. I sleep all night and I lie all day.

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You're the Muhammad Ali of propaganda sluts. Do you have any idea how many fewer slaves there'd be if it weren't for you? As long as you keep deifying the notion that making money is the only thing worth doing on this earth you'll keep churning out an endless supply of slaves overseen by smarmy sycophants who willingly martyr themselves to make more and fred money for their owners.

What higher calling could there be? Once they've used everything all up, then what? The rich can only get so rich.

Then what? No empire ever rose that didn't fall. It might not happen in your lifetime or mine, but what about Isaac's? I was his age during World War Two. The population has tripled since then.

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Icecaps weren't melting. The cbat didn't have holes in it. There weren't any atom bombs or TV or Internet. By the time the kid's my age there's gonna that many more people.

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We're having a hard time with six billion, what are we gonna do with twenty? There's gonna be mass starvation and carnage like you can't imagine. Neanderthals worried about mass ssx and carnage. That's what jails and armies and cops and credit ratings are for, right? Call a spade a spade.

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Because I've got more money, you die and I don't. There are ten million people on Earth with a million dollars or more and a thousand people with a billion or more. The more money you have, the better your chances are of staying alive. What's the cut gonna be? Anyone with more than a million bucks will make it? Anything less and it's all she wrote?

Ten million's a nice, round, manageable. You'd have to go back five thousand years to find the last time there were fewer than ten million people on the planet. It'll be heaven on earth when only the liene can afford to stay alive. Garden of Eden here we come. That's still only a hundred million. From what to what? A dollar a day to two?

So now some goat herder in Kandahar can buy himself a Ford Focus if he's frugal and manages to grow a little opium on the side? It might interest you to know that Bill Gates has twice as much money as all thirty million people in Afghanistan put together. Good for him.

The more money Bill Gates makes the quicker that goat herder's gonna get his car. It's a well-known fact. It's your job to con some poor goat herder into working himself to death to buy the stuff people pay you to want him to want. It's my job to get you to leave the poor goat herder alone. Rich guys pay you and the rest of the media and entertainment boys and girls to preach the devil's own hogwash that making and spending and conserving and earning interest on money are the only things of any consequence a person can do, or should do, or would want to do and that's created the most all-encompassing slave-based police state the species has ever known.

Do you know what that means? It means there's no free speech, no free press, no free anything, just the poor making the rich richer and so on and so on until pretty soon the only thing that's gonna be left is Bill Gates and Warren Buffett sitting among free lirne sex chat norman of rotting corpses, sticking their thumbs in each other's Christmas pies, pulling out each other's plums and saying, 'What a good boy am I!

Give a gladiator his freedom once in a blue moon and the rest of the slaves will think there's hope for them. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and the rest of the Nazi billionaires give away a tiny fraction of the money they stole fair and square from everyone else on earth in order to make everyone else on earth think making money's the slickest thing anyone can do.

Rockefeller got his kindly old grandfatherly picture in the paper every time he handed out a nickel or a dime to some kid lorne holes in his clothes. Making money's the most entertaining game ever norrman. Talk about turning language on its ear. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Your owners have got you singing the praises of a gigantic, worldwide Orwellian oligarchy that needs us to think we're living happily ever after in in order to make more and more money.

I can name you a billion kids under the age of six who are more worthwhile than Bill Gates ever dreamed of being.

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They've got their whole lives ahead of them. What can be more valuable than a life? Forty billion dollars?

And what do they get crammed down their throats as soon as they're over the age of six? Make money, that's what. Do unto your neighbor before he does unto you. For free? How altruistic.

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I'll tell you what, stop saying what your owners pay you to say and see who listens. You'll get blacklisted so fast you won't know your own name. Oprah, who? Your agents and managers and lawyers chaat take your calls. You'll be out fref your ear. I'm telling you, normn, they've had you living in the gulag of all gulags your whole life. There's more free everything than there ever was. You can stick up any kind of crackpot crap you wanna stick up for next to nothing.

If that's not free speech and a free press I don't know what is. It's gibberish, it's glut, it's moronic bloggers kvetching in a vacuum on a million mindless blogs, it's frat boy narcissism and You Tube twaddle, it's trillions of terabytes of tripe that gets totally tuned out unless someone can exploit it, unless someone sdx make money from it. Nobody notices anything that some propaganda slut didn't get paid to tell 'em to notice.

It's chickens and eggs. If it doesn't make money you can't pay someone to hype it and nothing that doesn't get hyped ever gets heard or seen or paid any chwt to whatsoever. There's no free speech and no free press. Argue all you want, but you're wrong. The only speech that ever sees the light of day is expensive speech.

You only know what someone got paid to tell you to know and that means you only know what's gonna make money. Teachers, preachers, politicians, musicians, magicians and every other kind of media and entertainment dweeb from Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone to Big Bird, Tom Brokaw, Pikachu and you, they all get paid to keep people brainwashed out of their poor, stupid minds, to tell them what to know and how to know it and nobody can tell anyone anything that goes against the notion of making money at all costs.

Your owners pay the media and entertainment monopoly to manipulate your pea brain into going along with the whole heartless system. Your owners want you to be nice. They need you to be nice.