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Nothing to dowant to chat

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Nothing to dowant to chat

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What if someone does post an important message in chat?

He says the rule has been welcome — and helped his company even more as it transitioned into a fully remote workforce recently. Here, he makes the case for chatting less. hothing

Sounds great! But the convenience of chat brings with it some major costs in most situations, especially to people who are receiving rather than initiating chats. Unlike s, chats are synchronous.

Instead of careful deliberation, chat conversations are often a race to type out your ideas first, to springboard off the most recent comment before someone else does and takes the chat in a different direction. Finally, tk erode work-life balance. Due to the real-time nature and expectations around chat, it is simply harder to ignore.

What is convenient for the sender is often inconvenient for the recipient. What happened when you implemented the policy in ? I think the move was pretty seamless — folks didn't stop chatting, which is fine, but ti people felt they could step away more easily.

You implemented the policy in a normal working world. How do you think the policy has impacted your team now?

If anything, for the better. In the modern work environment, real-time communication mediums like chat allow for a certain blurring of the line between personal life and work life, an "always-on" mentality.

For instance, in many companies it might be considered okay to send someone a chat in the evening and expect a response. Drawing mental boundaries between work and home, even during normal times, is essential.

Now, in our new world, with no physical separation at all between home and work, setting those boundaries is more important than ever, and our chat policy is instrumental in that regard. Most Popular.